Monday, December 8, 2008

At Times Like These

It is things like the factory occupation in Chicago that should remind us why we work as hard as we do for Democrats. They may disappoint us sometimes, but then the Governor of Illinois threatens to stop doing business with a bank unless they release credit to a company so they can make payroll.

Let us not forget that if Michigan Governor Frank Murphy had not used the Michigan National Guard to protect the sit-down strikers in Flint in 1936, rather than use them to uphold a court order to evict the strikers, the UAW and the entire labor movement in America might have been radically different.
What you can do

If you live in the Chicago area, there will be a picket of Bank of America's Chicago headquarters at 231 S. LaSalle on Wednesday, December 10 at 12 noon (unless negotiations resolve the dispute before then).

Read updates from the UE about the battle at Republic on the union's Web site. You can send a message of solidarity from the Web site, or by e-mail to For more information, call UE at 312-829-8300.

The UE is appealing for financial support for the Republic workers. You can contribute via PayPal from the UE home page--see the box on the right. You can also send checks, made payable to the UE Local 1110 Solidarity Fund, to: 37 S. Ashland, Chicago, IL 60607.

At the Jobs with Justice Web site, you can send a message of protest to Bank of America.


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Although I have to say this is a bit overblown.

"This is a sad day for government. It's a very sad day for Illinois government," Fitzgerald said at the news conference. "Governor Blagojevich has taken us to a new low . . . he attempted to sell the Senate seat, the Senate seat he had the sole right to appoint to replace President-elect Obama . . . The conduct would make Lincoln roll over in his grave."

I pretty sure that Lincoln would not have blinked twice at a Senate seat being openly sold. That's kind of the way things were done in the US before the 1920s.